Friday, March 1, 2013

Bipolar Moving Disorder

I have officially named how I have been feeling ... I have bipolar moving disorder. It is characterized by drastic mood swings regarding an upcoming move to a new area. One moment a sufferer will be wildly happy about the prospect of new opportunities and possibilities and friends to meet, the next he or she will be sullen or even in tears at the thought of moving to an unfamiliar area and leaving all the things and people she loves.

Today I have been pretty down at the thought of moving. I am really hoping that our visit to Dallas at the end of the month helps pull me out of this funk. I mean I am still thankful and recognize the blessing in this. I do. Deeply. But I know it is going to be hard ... really hard.

I just went through all the little girl dresses I kept in case Harrison was a girl. It is a collection of all my favorite of our little girl dresses. I pulled about 5 of my favorites out to use in a quilt and bagged the rest to give to family or sell in a yard sale.

I am going to be selling so much stuff. I am hoping to put all the money I make off selling our stuff to help pay for our move. So if you know me and want books for kids, little girl clothes age 6 and under, little boy clothes age 18 months and under, or kid toys, come on over. You can have your first pick of the yard sale pile. :0) I plan to post at lease one thing everyday on a facebook yard sale page in our area.

This is really closing a chapter of our lives. In one way, I am happy to box up all the hard parts of this experience in Las Vegas and put it in an emotional box and move on from it. But all these hard experiences have given birth to such love wonderful friendships and tender feeling. Who can throw away a perfect rose just because it is riddled with thorns?

Bipolar Moving Disorder. It is real. And I have it.


Anonymous said...

You can do this difficult thing, Stephanie.
You are leaving many people with memories to last their whole lives, just as a new community is waiting to embrace you.
We made a similar move in 1978. (Ohio to Arizona) and thank ourselves for garnering the courage (with a bit of denial) to do so.
Best of luck and bless you all!

house hunt pro said...

I wont be surprise. Climate is changing tremendously.

Emily @ RemarkableHome said...

You are going to do great and LOVE Dallas! Its an adventure. I know its scary. But it will be wonderful in the end. Our move was extremely smooth. Do you have movers? We didn't, as you know, and I made a label for EVERY box and piece of furniture with where it should go in the new home. I bought a pack of brightly colored paper and each room had its own color. I printed the name of the room in big bold letters and then content: with a line to write the contents on. This full page label was taped to every box. We had two 26' trucks unloaded in less than two hours with all the boxes and furniture delivered to the correct rooms. made unpacking soooo much easier and the men who helped unload were super happy to know where everything went. In the house i had the same labels posted to doors and stairwells with arrows pointing them in the right direction. just an idea for you if you dont have movers that will help make things much smoother. lov eyou!

The Gray Family said...

oh, change is hard. They just announced this past week that they are splitting our ward this Sunday, and even THAT is giving me some anxiety. Moving halfway across the country is a much bigger change :>) Good luck, your family is amazing and anywhere you go they will be lucky to have you!

Susan Anderson said...

Moving is hard for me. Pulling up roots can be painful, even when there's a wonderful new place to plant them.


Anonymous said...

Come to North Dallas!!! We've been here a year and love it.