Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bedtime Story

Here is the first installment of a bedtime story. I read this to Sabrina tonight as her bedtime story. She is anxious to hear Chapter 2 tomorrow. So am I... (sorry no photo with this. perhaps I can get Sabrina to draw an "illustration" to go with it tomorrow)

The Cave of Colors
Chapter One

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Fannie. She had curly dark brown hair and bright ice blue eyes. Fannie was petite and willowy like a child-sized fairy might be. Only Fannie didn’t have wings and she wasn’t magic.

Fannie had one love in life. Fannie loved colors. She loved the primary colors, red, yellow and blue. She loved the other colors of the rainbow, orange, green and purple. She loved other colors in her box of crayons, black, brown, gray, pink, white. More than anything, Fannie loved exotic vibrant unique colors like the magical colors of her mother’s eyes, a golden green with flecks of caramel.

Each day Fannie took a walk in the woods near her house in search of a new color, a new shade she hadn’t seen before. One morning she started on her walk and came across a cave she had never seen before. She decided to explore the cave as far as she could see.

As soon as she entered the cave it fully illuminated. She turned around and there behind her where the woods had been was nothing but the dark emptiness of a cave. She turned to what had been the cave. In front of her now was a world of color and beauty as she had never before beheld.

There were no reds, yellows or blues; no greens, oranges, or purples. No, here there were colors she had never seen before, not even in her wildest dreams. Here there were colors without names. They had no names because no one had seen them before. No one had dreamt them before. They were undiscovered colors.

She saw before her a meadow filled with flowers and grasses. She was drawn into the fantastic colors of the flowers and she started picking them one by one. Each flower she picked took her further from the opening of the cave. As she picked each flower, she gave a name to the color of the flower. She named one Freshuia and another Peritwinkle. She named one Magmentum and another Turquette.

Just then as she held the four flowers in her hand she heard a large rumbling in the distance and the ground started to shake. She turned around and saw the opening to the cave closing rapidly. She tried to run back through the opening but she was too late. She was trapped in the cave of colors with four flowers in her hand and something noisy coming her way.

To be continued…