Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Bit of Paradise in the Desert

Last month we went down to Arizona to visit my friend Britt and her family for Camille's angel day. It seemed crazy that we would pick the one place hotter than Las Vegas to go for the weekend but it ended up being totally worth it. We got to see lots of old friends a met a few new ones. We ate amazing food and cooled off by the pool.

We also went to the Mesa, AZ Temple. I had never been there before. I was stunned at how beautiful it was in the middle of the desert. We loved the lush grounds and the visitor's center. 

I love my little family. Even with the hole in the middle of it... it is a beautiful thing to me.

And I know that one day the hole will be refilled. I feel sure of that promise. I am grateful for the temple where we can make and receive such meaningful promises with and from the Lord.

And I am especially grateful for this little piece of heaven in my home. He refreshes my soul and replenishes my spirit. 14 months and he is all over the house, walking in my shoes whenever he can find them. He loves my wedge sandals and my Crocs. He thinks he is so big walking all around clip clopping in my shoes. And before bed I hold him up to the picture of Camille in his room and he gives her a kiss. He doesn't do that to anyone or anything else. I really think he remembers her.