Thursday, August 21, 2008

What is Real?

"What is Real?"

This is one of my favorite questions. It has been ever since I read The Velveteen Rabbit. In that story we are taught that "real" is something you become through love. 

These days, waking up to a deafening silence reminding me of my harsh reality, real takes on new meanings. I have had to remind myself over and over What is Real. 

What is Real?

Love is real and undying.
Heaven is real and close by.
Angels are real and all around ministering.
God is Real and He loves me.

I am real and I am here living.
My husband is real and so is our love.
My girls, Sabrina, Ann, and Lauren are real and they need me.
Camille is real and her spirit lives.

Camille's death is real and it breaks my heart.
Christ's love is real and it heals the broken heart.
Our separation is real but it is temporary.
Our family bonds are real and they are eternal.