Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sneaky Little Ladies

So the other day I was working some in the office and I noticed Ann Marie and Lauren being sneaky. A few minutes later Jonathan asked where the girls were. I told him they were doing something sneaky. They had been very quiet this whole time. 

Now some kids and some ages you really have to worry when kids are being quiet and/or sneaky. I know when my kids were a bit younger this was almost ALWAYS a bad sign. But they are not generally destructive anymore so I don't get too worried when things get quiet around here. 

Still, after a long while of quiet I thought I better go see what kind of sneakiness was going on. I had to take a picture of what I found. 

Two Ladies at the Beauty Shop 
I have to point out a few things about this picture. First, note the magazines they brought up to my bathroom from downstairs. What beauty shop is complete without magazines. The funny thing is that my kids haven't EVER been to a real beauty shop of any kind. 

Second, if you know me really well, you know this is pretty darn clean, or uncluttered, for my bathroom. Note there is no toothpaste, face wash, or contact solution on the counter. No, I didn't clean it up for the photo. They cleaned it up for their "beauty shop."

Third, note the cup for water in case one of the customers get thirsty. Fourth, I love that Annie has her art smock on like a hair cutters smock. Fifth, note the beauty case of make up on their table. Annie got this as a birthday present. She loves it.

And last but not least, note that Lauren is playing along. She was up here the whole time "reading" with Ann Marie. She doesn't read. She is just happy to be included in the game and be a big girl like Annie. So she sits and pretends to read.

I love my little beauties.