Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lifted Up

I just got home from the graveside service for little Dax Royce Gubler. He is the son of our friends who passed away 12 hours after being born. It was an interesting experience for me. The service itself was lovely. It was just long enough and filled with sound doctrine, faith, and peace.

This was the first service for a child I have been to outside the one we did for Camille. At Camille's service ... well was just totally different being the mom. I felt very much like I was attending my own funeral, and in a way I was. The Spirit there was thick and I could feel the opening between heaven and earth in that spot. At Camille's funeral it helped me keep my head above water. I needed that heavenly support to survive. 

Today I felt that same connection open to the heavens. Today, however, it just filled me with hope and lifted me up. I didn't even need to get my kleenex out. Overall, I found the service encouraging. Mostly because I just felt so close to heaven I think. There is such a joy in heaven that it can't help but bring peace to my soul and lift me up with it when I come close to it.

I am grateful for the prayers of those who prayed for me today. I am sure that is another reason going to this service was not hard for me. I am sure it is through their power that I was able to feel the hope from the other side of the veil and be lifted up in such a time of sorrow.

I hope the Gubler family also felt and will continue to feel the love and support of all those present today, both from earth and from heaven.