Sunday, April 5, 2009

Feeling Full

Today has been a full day. I feel spiritually fed and physically spent. Conference was great. The kids watched all 4 sessions with us. That is not to say they listened to every talk. They did spend lots of time working on conference packets and coloring, but they sat through it all. I was pleased.

As for today's talks, all I can say is that Elder Holland is amazing. There were lots of good talks today but for me, Elder Holland's talks always stand out. Today that was especially true. His talk on the events of the Savior's life his last week and how through those events He above all understands feeling forsaken, was inspired. 

When we really understand the Savior's sacrifice for us, it helps us feel less alone. He truly knows our every sorrow and pain. Elder Holland puts these truths into such a clear perspective. It is truly a talk worth watching.  Make it a part of your Easter celebration. You can see it HERE. Look on the Sunday AM section.