Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Classic Annie Quip

Just had to write this down. 

I am right now trying to get Ann Marie to get dressed so we can leave for the day. She is in PJs still. She is coloring a project. When she starts a project she has a VERY hard time leaving it before she is completely finished.

So I say "Come on Ann Marie. We are all waiting on you. We are going to leave you here since you are not getting ready. You only have 2 minutes and we are leaving."

It is a credible threat since Dad is staying home. Otherwise she would see through such a threat.

"OK MOM!" she so nicely responds. "I am coming." Note she is still downstairs at the kitchen table not upstairs getting dressed. "I already have my underwear on!"

Well at least I can be glad for that. :) Classic.