Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mercies and Miracles

A reader asked if I had anything to say on this subject. Since I do have the best readers on the internet, I thought I would try to put a few of my thoughts on this into words for her.

For those not familiar with the Book of Mormon, I will explain what Mormon folk mean when they say "tender mercy." In the first part of the Book of Mormon, a prophet named Nephi writes the following; "But behold, I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance."

One of our current day prophets gave a talk a few years ago where he noted that during a highly stressful time in his life, his favorite hymn was played just before he had to do a very scary thing. He noted that this was a "tender mercy" of the Lord.

So a tender mercy has become a fairly common phrase among Mormon folk since that taught. We recognize these mini miracles that buoy us up and encourage us and strengthen our faith in trying times.

I have had several of these tender mercies brought to my attention by that inner whispering voice of the Spirit over the last 5 months. Alone, one of them may be seen as a coincidence. But combined they create powerful evidence to me that the Lord knew Camille's life would be taken in the time and manner that it was. Additionally, they are great evidence to me of the Lord's love for me and His desire to bless His children with little extra signs of that love when we must go through the dark days of this life in our journey to become more like Him.

My time is limited today. So I will simply list all the tender mercies I have thus far seen in this tragic time of our lives. I will say that I find more each month.

Tender Mercies:
Taking family pictures the Saturday before Camille' drowned.
Camille spending time with each set of grandparents alone for a day or two just weeks before she died.
Camille calling to me from the pantry the day she died. She had crawled to the top of the step latter and was so proud of herself. I went to find her and she had the biggest smile as she stomped her foot and yelled out. I called her dad over to see her because she was so cute. This is the image I use to replace the horrifying images that still haunt me finding her. I am so glad to have taken that moment to just look at and appreciate and love my baby girl and all her personality.
Having a dream that Camille drowned in the spa and then not remembering it till I saw her there.
Having her die before she was ever at an age that I had to discipline her.
Having her die before the economy took a nose dive. We had no money worries when she died. We were so glad not to feel we needed to be thrifty on her grave and about her medical care.
Having a speaker in church talk about KNOWING for sure that there is life after death because of an experience he had just after his sister died when he was in high school. The week he spoke, my friend Britt was in town and the first 2 rows were filled with people who had lost children in the last year.
The Camille stocking - and not finding that darned box last Christmas.
Having chosen her flower for certain the week before she died. 
Having a line in her baby blessing that sounded ... "not good" and made me hold her a little longer at night putting her to bed wondering what "special circumstance" she would have to go through.
Being inspired to start the blog when I did.
ALL the support that ALL of you have been to me and continue to be for me each day. That is half a million tender mercies all rolled into one. 

Well I have to run and I want to get this published before I go. Thank you again to all of you. Most of all Thank YOU to the Lord for the multitude of His tender mercies which do strengthen my faith and make me feel mighty even unto the power of deliverance.