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Chapter 9 The Homecoming

Chapter 9
The Homecoming

Fannie picked up the telephone as soon as she got into the house. Her family was still piling out of the car and getting settled after their trip to the promenade. She ran up to her room with the flowers in one hand and the phone in the other. Some of the petals had fallen out of the flowers and all four of them looked droopy and withered.

Fannie placed the flowers on her desk carefully and jumped on her bed while dialing Berk’s phone number. Fannie got lucky and Berk was the one to answer the phone.

She told him about her night at the promenade. Together they hatched a plan to return to the cave of colors as soon as possible. They wasted no time setting up their scheme. The flowers would not last much longer and Fannie couldn’t risk them dying by waiting much longer. They would have to make their move at first light the next morning. If she and Berk were quick they could be home before her parents even woke up.

Fannie set her Barbie alarm clock and got everything she would need laid out then she went to bed. She did not sleep well. She was too nervous about being able to find the cave again. When her alarm sounded at 4:30 she jumped up and dressed anxious to get started. She sneaked out of the house and ran in the dark using her flashlight to show her way to the place by the old oak tree where she and Berk had agreed to meet. He was waiting for her when she arrived.

Fannie led Berk through the woods as the dark sky got gradually lighter. She was not completely sure of the exact location of the cave but she knew the general area fairly well. Once she was near she was having a hard time decided which way to go next.

Suddenly she heard a strangely familiar noise in the dawning sky. It was a dull roar she had only heard once before. She ran to Berk and grabbed his hand hoping he could somehow save her from what she expected next. Then she saw them. Swooping down in the sky toward her were the bats. Berk grabbed Fannie and they both dove to the ground. The bats dove inches from them but did not stop. They continued on in a southern direction. Fannie jumped up and cried, “Follow them!”

She and Berk ran as fast as they could to follow the bats before they flew out of sight. It was hard to miss them because there were so many of them. They ran for about 5 minutes and then the bats seemed to disappear. Fannie and Berk reached the point of the bats’ disappearance and there was the opening to the Cave.
Fannie pointed her flashlight in the cave and nothing looked out of the ordinary. There was no other world in there—just a normal dark cave. She hoped she was not too late. She retrieved the flowers from her backpack and hand in hand she and Berk boldly stepped into the cave.

As soon as they crossed the threshold the cave began to change and the world of the undiscovered colors open up before their very eyes. Berk’s jaw dropped seeing all the incredible colors for the first time. Fannie was beaming and tears of joy were falling from her eyes. Its seemed like years she had spent in black and white even though it had only been a weekend.

Fannie ran to the field of flowers where she had picked the beautiful flowers and carefully laid each one down on the lush ground. When she laid the last flower down sparkles of all colors began to dance around the four flowers and they began to change from their withered droopy state to a perky healthy looking state. Then they started to change shapes. Leaves started to grow in strange directions. The flowers were growing as if they were moving with a life of their own.

At the same time the rest of the flowers in the field began to move together and to grow up as if they were creating something new together. Berk and Fannie watched in shock as the four flowers turned into four fairies that looked very much like flowers. These four fairies did not look at Fannie and Berk but instead bowed down to the earth before a large image that now stood about 10 feet from Fannie and Berk. It was an image of the Queen Fannie had met previously, only it was made entirely of flowers.

Fannie felt the need to bow as well and she pulled Berk down with her as she did. Then the Queen made of flowers began to speak.

“You have done well human child. You have helped these younglings attain a greater purpose to their lives and they are now forever changed,” she said. “They wish to thank you for the adventures you gave them. They watched you interact with your family and friends and know you are a soul of great compassion and beauty. If you will permit them, they wish to return with you to your world to watch over and protect to you till the end of your days. Is this acceptable to you?”

Fannie looked up and saw the pleading concerned faces of the four fairies staring up at them. How would she explain them to others and how could these tiny little fairies protect her? The Queen seemed to read her mind.

“Only those who have been to this land will be able to see these younglings. You and your noble kinsman here will always be able to see them but others in your world will not know of their presence. This world has a magic all its own and these four younglings will always have access to this magic. Those in your world will feel the effects of the magic but will never know the source of it. These younglings will always be watching you but not always from a place you can see them. But in any time of need you can call upon them with the secret signs they will show you and they will appear to aid you in anyway they can. Is this acceptable?” she asked again.

“Of course,” Fannie agreed. With this the four fairies flitted up to the Queen’s face and kissed the flowers of her cheeks then flew down to surround Berk and Fannie.

“Adieu humans, adieu!” the flower Queen called as she faded back into the meadow and the flowers retook their original places.

The ground started shake and the fairies flew twice around Berk and Fannie. Berk and Fannie turned around to see the opening to the cave opening up. They followed the first two fairies to the opening as the second two fairies followed behind them. In seconds they were standing outside the cave entrance. The sun was still not fully up in the lightening sky. Still stunned by their time in the cave, they raced home to climb back in their beds before their parents discovered them missing.

Berk and Fannie knew one thing even without having to say it as they left cave that morning…this was only the beginning of many fabulous adventures to come.

The End


For those of you who wanted to know exactly how big the rattlesnake was... Here is a better angle. He was about 3 feet long. And yes he is very dead or I would not be this close to it.