Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Shoppin Time

After a long day at work, I was summoned to the boss’s office (i.e. my DW, or “dear wife” for those of you new to the world wide webs). She informed me that I would be guest blogging today. As my role in life is to help, nay, serve the every whim and wish of her and her little minions, I acquiesced and said, “yes maam” while mumbling something about needing to see some show on the DVR list.

So here I am.

Ummm…. So now what?

Oh, right. Time for a fashion hot tip. I believe someone in my last entry suggested that bloggers give fashion tips. Below is a surefire way for the guys to catch the ladies. This dashing ensemble was put together to woo my DW back in the single days.

Now where to buy you are likely asking yourself? From the DI. No, not your Dear Idiot, but the Deseret Industries. Or Salvation Army. Or Thrift Store. OK, I did find a decent website HERE for all your leisure suit needs.

OK, while I’m on the subject, every commenter to this post must put (in your opinion) what you believe the HOT, NOW place to shop is. It can be on the Internet or in the mall. That’s the fun part about my job – I track where people spend their money and what they are buying, etc. etc. However, since I’m fashion blind (or perhaps a trendsetter in a leisure suit??) I usually rely on people like my sister (her chic shopping tips are found
HERE) for what is cutting edge and possibly soon to be adopted by the masses. So indulge me with your thoughts, if you don’t mind.

Now, in these uncertain economic times you might be tempted to reply Wal-Mart or Target or Costco. These responses are off-limits. I know, the high price of everything has brought America to its knees and the average citizen can no longer rely on the price of his/her house to pay for that $400 handbag from Coach. We all know that few are going to Saks and Neiman these days. We’re going to lunch with the kids at Costco from the food handed out by old ladies in white hair nets. It’s a surprise every time! OK, OK I admit that might just be me because I’m too lazy to make Easy Crack, I mean, Easy Mac for the girls. In any case, Wal-mart/target/costco are obvious choices – too obvious.

Happy shopping!!