Thursday, March 10, 2011

Motherhood - Chapter 9 - Heroes

Motherhood gives women a new inner fierceness that many don't even know they have. It is the "mama bear" fierceness. You only see the full effects of it when your child or children are in danger. And then you will surprise yourself at what you will do to protect and defend your child.

I remember the first time I felt this. Sabrina was just a toddler and Annie was a babe literally in my arms. We were in California out in front of our house playing with our neighbors across the street. I remember Sabrina was out in the street (I can't remember if she was just playing or had run out). Then a big huge truck came speeding down the street with no regard for the speed limit.

Here I was with my baby in my arms and I ran into the street to grab Sabrina. I am not sure if I expected I would be able to pick Sabrina up (because I couldn't have without dropping my baby) or if I was single handedly going to stop that truck. But at that moment, I just acted to get to my child regardless of my own safety. Luckily the truck saw me and slowed down in time for me to get Sabrina out of the street. And then I thought how stupid it was for me to put all three of us in the path of the truck. But I guess it ended up a good thing since the truck saw me easier than it would have a little toddler.

Yesterday my sister-in-law Nikki wrote to me about a hero of a mother, Kim Beck, who was not as lucky. She had all 5 of her kids aged 10 and under in her van. She saw the family dog out and took the van out of gear and jumped out to grab the dog and put him away. In the midst of that, she realized with horror that only a mother can imagine that her van was rolling backward in Neutral instead of Park.

She jumped behind the van to stop it. I am sure she felt that Mother Bear instinct that I felt that day jumping out into the street in front of that speeding truck. But she was not strong enough to stand against all the weight of the van. It ran over her and stopped on top of her chest. All the children were safe, but Kim was not. She was pronounced brain dead in the hospital and her organs, including her mother heart were donated to save other lives.

To me this woman epitomizes a Mother Hero. She acted to save her children. She died doing so. And then she continued to save lives after her death by donating her organs. I am so saddened for her husband, children, siblings and parents who must face the days, weeks, months, and years ahead without her. I hope those reading will go read about Kim HERE and show her family some love at this time of such great pain and grief.