Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Remember Quote

A couple of comments have asked where I got the remember quote -- it is from me. It is the voice of my true self calling out to me to remember who I am.


Well it seems the vote went overwhelmingly for the duet. But I took Molly's suggestion and with the help of our amazing producer Sean, we were able to mix a version of a little of each of us and the duet. Here it is on top of some video from Camille's one and only birthday party. She was a bit bewildered about what all the fuss was about during her party. She liked to observe when she was around lots of people.

I wonder how she must have seen the world and all of us in it through her perfect baby eyes. I wonder if I can ever be the woman she knew me to be -- the woman I was before -- the Queen I am supposed to become.

I feel her helping me now to see myself as I was, as I am, and as I ought to be. It strengthens me to know I was a valiant follower of Jesus Christ and an advocate for His plan for us to become more like our Heavenly Parents.

We all chose to follow Him. We all were on the same side. The whole human family came here with one purpose: follow the Savior, live like Him, follow His steps of repentance and baptism so we can return HOME clean and pure to live with Him and Our Father again.

We lose that vision here. We let life cloud our view. But babies, they are so fresh from heaven, surely they must still remember. Camille must have known who we all were.

I feel that bit of divinity crying out inside "Remember, Remember, keep your eye on the Plan. This is all a part of that Plan. Use your agency to draw closer to Him. You are strong. You are valiant. You are steadfast and immovable in your faith. You are His and He is with you. Live up to who you REALLY are: a descendant of incredibly strong, faithful men and women whose greatness echos in the blood that flows through your veins; a sister to siblings as valiant, strong and faithful as Captain Moroni; a mother to sweet, loving, strong daughters, a mother to an angel, a noble heir and daughter of the Almighty God. "

Remember, Remember, Remember

So You Think You Can Dance

Partners get switched up this week! I am anxious for our Wednesday party and Catherine is bringing super yummy artichoke dip.  Come join the fun at 8:45 tonight at my house.

Love you all! Thanks for all the love and prayers.  I feel it.