Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ann Marie Day

Happy Birthday to my little Ann Marie. She is 7 today. She came into the world screaming and has gotten more pleasant to be around every year she has been alive. She is now one of the best cleaners, cookers, helpers, workers, readers, students or daughters you could ever meet. In honor of her birthday her dad wrote up an incident that happened with her the other week at church when I was home with a sick Mr. Noble.

One fairly recent Sunday Stephanie stayed home with the baby when he was sick. That left me on full time Dad duty for church. While I was pondering deep religious subjects during Sacrament Meeting (eyes closed), Sabrina said to me rather frantically, “Annie just threw her mittens across the church!!”  I looked over to see Annie standing up and looking – no, GLARING, at something or someone behind us.  It was pretty packed and I didn’t know who she was looking at so I quickly pulled her back into her seat and muttered something about being reverent.             
As I was walking around the hallway after Sacrament meeting, one of the guys in our ward stopped me and we had the following dialogue:
“Hey – which one of your daughters has the arm?!?” 
“Which one of your daughters threw that bullet in church?”
“Oh, that must have been Annie – did you see what happened?”
“Well the [family name removed] boy was sitting 4-5 rows back, making faces at Annie.  She just cocked her hand back and threw a perfect shot right at him, mitten flying across the church.”
I laughed and thought: well, she has a future in baseball.  The funny thing is that Ann Marie and this boy were bugging each other at the Christmas party just a week or two before the occurrence.  I think as part of the playful bugging one of the boy’s brothers recited some poem involving Ann Marie, this boy, a tree and kissing.  Stephanie and I explained to her that boys sometimes show they like girls by being annoying and bugging girls and girls sometimes show they like boys by being annoying right back. We let her know the best response was to ignore this boy and he would probably stop. But somehow I don't think this little girl is going to be very good at ignoring boys anytime soon.