Sunday, April 24, 2011

Motherhood - Chapter 14 - Easter Joy

Today as I sat in church singing Hallelujah at the end of each line of our hymn I thought about how much joy there must have been that first Easter morning when Mary saw the Resurrected Christ. The words of the hymn highlighted how the suffering was over and Christ had erased the sting of death. And, having just finished a difficult pregnancy, I had a new thought or understanding of the joy of Easter.

Baring a child is an experience that is in the likeness of the atonement itself. The mother does for the child what the child cannot do for him or her self. She helps give life to a child. She goes through much pain and sacrifice to bring this life into existence. Mothers bring life in the world through the shedding of blood and water. And if you don't have drugs, there is heavy suffering involved in this birthing process.

All the same was true of the Savior's suffering for us so many years ago as he suffered and eventually died to give us life everlasting. He shed his blood and water gushed out of his side when the soldiers pierced him with the sword. He did for us what we could not do for ourselves. He has given us Life!

I am so close this Easter to that moment just 4 weeks ago when my suffering came to an end and that new life was placed upon my chest in all its wonder and beauty. Such joy! The joy at the end of the suffering and the greater joy in the new life created. Today, in church, singing my Hallelujahs I could feel a bit more of the blessed Joy of the end of Christ's suffering and the greater Joy in the Life he succeeded in bringing to each of us.

And as I sang, I meant each and every Hallelujah!