Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Guiding Hands

Life is so full of choices. Some times of our lives we have lots of life altering choices all at once. Other times we are faces with simple little choices everyday that only in the cumulative will make a real difference in our life. And sometimes seemingly inconsequential choices change everything. 

I am grateful for the guiding hands that help me with my choices, big and small. I am not really in a stage of BIG choices right now. I no longer have to choose who to marry or where to live or what career to pursue. Still there are important choices that lay before me. Some will have lasting effects like naming my baby. Others, like choosing friends or ways to spend my time or money, may seem small but could have long term impacts.

Through all these choices, I feel that same sense of unseen guiding hands that I did when I was making those BIG life decisions. It is like a river a peace flowing through me and carrying me down its path. Sometimes it takes me in through places I would rather not go. But as long as I follow that river of peace, I am able to drink from its Living Water. 

How grateful I am that we are not left alone in this life. I have often felt my grandparents watching over me. Now I feel an even stronger connection to the life that exists beyond the veil of death. I feel tied to that world through unbreakable heartstrings. I miss my baby girl. But I am not without her. I know her hands now help guide me.