Monday, February 15, 2010


Sometimes in my mothering my charges all demand my services at once. Each need is critical in each child's eyes. I am left to prioritize the "triage" of their needs. I can only fix so many problems at one time. I can only hold so many bodies or wipe so many cheeks. I only have two arms, two legs, one heart and one head to work this magic I call motherhood. 

And so I put one child down to pick another up. One cheek is left dirty while the messier is wiped. One burden is set down so another can be carried.

Sometimes in my life all my responsibilities seem to pile up at once. Each duty calls with urgency. Often my heart is tied to so many of these that it feels the heaviness of so much weight. I want to do so much. I want to fix each problem and make each plan perfect and guide each path I cross in a better way. But alas, I am only one person. I have only two arms, two legs, one brain, and one heart to do all I can do for good.

And so I set to prioritizing again. I set down the burdens that weigh on me and step back to see what I CAN do. I refocus on making sure things are straight in my own soul and in my home. Then I fold my two arms and kneel on my two knees and use my one brain and one heart to call for help. I put my burdens down there at the feet of one greater than I. And I rest my heart knowing ... I am not alone.