Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weekend Update

Here I am sitting at my desk listening. In the distance I hear the sounds of happy playing children. It is one of my favorite sounds. I sent them up to get ready for bed and read books. They are definitely not reading. I should go up there and do some discipline. But tonight I just want to listen to them. Just for a little bit longer.

We had a wonderful vacation to conference. I so enjoyed getting to know my cousin Becky's family better as we camped out at her house. My kids loved playing with their second cousins and didn't want to leave. 

Friday night we met Molly and Vic and Tiffany and Cobe for dinner. Both these couples have lost children recently. It has been 5 months or so for Molly and less than 2 weeks for Tiffany. It was so great to meet them. There is a comfort in being with others who really know. Plus, Jon and I have really liked the other couples we have met who have suffered a similar loss. 

Attending conference was a spiritual event complete with a feast. Elder Holland ... well I just feel sorry for anyone who has to speak after him. His was the only talk that had me in tears, though many others touched and instructed me.

Thanks to my friend Catherine and her family for the tickets for Saturday morning. We had wonderful seats and a delicious lunch, made by her mother, in her dad's office at the Church Office Building afterward. It was a marvelous experience.

Sunday we watched conference from my parents cabin. I haven't ever been there in the fall and it was breathtaking. I only wish we had more time there. I have had such a string of really feeling emotionally well. It is encouraging. 

Well, there is silence upstairs now. That is either a really good or a really bad sign. I suppose I better go investigate.  Off I go.