Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fun Party

Can I just say that SYTYCD was awesome and my favorite part was the "Prince of Prose" segment on Lil C. I love Lil C. For this year's finale I totally want to have my party goers play "judge" and have each of us pick a judge to impersonate and us give comments after each of the final numbers. I call being Lil C. I am taking notes so I can use some of his own phraseology. I hope I can be both present and absent when I try to represent him and that none of the energy of my impersonation spills out of the cup of my body.

Both my SYTYCD and my Norwex party were such fun and I really enjoyed having everyone here. The treats I made were easy to make and I enjoyed eating them. Hope everyone else did too. We will do SYTYCD every Wednesday from now to the finale at 8:30 at my house. For the next few weeks I will be experimenting with truffles. I made regular Oreo truffles this last week. This next week I will try mint Oreos and then in the coming weeks we will do Nutter Butter truffles.

Come if you can! It will be fun!