Monday, July 20, 2009

Storms Moving In

I love a good storm. Las Vegas is usually good for a few good storms in the late summer months. We have been watching lighting storms for about 48 hours now. Still no rain at our house. But I can feel it coming. It is in the air. I wait for it with anticipation. The oppressing heat and humidity will be relieved when the rain falls.

I can see the rain falling on the horizon, out in the desert, somewhere. It is out there quenching some other creatures thirst. They are feeling the relief of its fury. From here I can only watch as God's hands sweeps over the clouds and lightly brushes them down to the earth. From here I watch and wait. I wait for my turn to feel the rain on my face.

I imagine it is always storming on someone somewhere on this rock we call Earth. I am more aware of that now than before. In every crowd I see, I wonder how many of these people are weathering their own personal storms. How many are longing for a break and a bit of sun? How many need the rain to fall again to release the pressure of their own personal pain? How must our Father feel knowing the hearts of us all?