Saturday, March 14, 2009

7 Months

For personal record keeping, I want to note how I am doing with this pregnancy. I just passed the 7 month mark last week. It is likely that 2 months from now I will have a newborn. I am anxious to be there. 

I have definitely hit the 3rd trimester in full force. My joints are loosening. I waddle wherever I go.  I have contractions (the harmless Braxton hicks kind) every evening. I am hard pressed to take a deep breath. My asthma and allergies have kicked in to welcome spring. I am currently enjoying the remnants of my head cold.

I am working to maintain my pelvic alignment to avoid the pain of symphysis pubic dysfuntion (go Google that one.) I had that pretty badly with Camille's pregnancy. I was unable to walk for more than a minute or two the last month with Camille. This pregnancy has been better with it. It has come and gone off and on but at least I know what it is this time and can takes steps to make it better.

So all in all, I am feeling 7 months pregnant with my 5th child. I think that is kind of the equivalent of how I felt a week overdue with my 2nd child. 

Noble is feeling great. He is quiet most of the day and very active when sit still at night. He stretches and rolls around all evening making my belly look like a scene from some alien movie. I can feel his back and give him rubs through the thin layer of skin and tissue that divide him from the rest of us. He is growing bigger each week and I can see his growth as my belly gets tighter.

I have settled into thinking of and calling him Noble even more now that our decision is made. Sabrina is happy about the name. Lauren says she is going to call him Peanut Morgan Noble Waite. It will be fun to see what she actually ends up calling him. I love the little names toddlers make up with their cute little voices. 

Annie says it is fine that we are naming him Morgan Noble but she will be calling him Louis (pronounced the French way "Looey"). I actually have French Canadian ancestors named Louis. My grandmother had a brother by that name and I think her grandfather's name who was French was named that. I am quite sure at least one of them is as pleased as punch and getting a good giggle at my little Ann Marie.

March seems to be moving faster than February did so far. I am happy for that and glad to be busy with work, projects, and events. Hopefully the time will pass quickly and I will soon be savoring those first precious moments of life with my little man.