Sunday, April 25, 2010

Barren Beauty

Desert bloom so solitary in your beauty
Surrounded on every side by 
Rough, hard, dry, cracked earth. 

How is it that you bloom so freely?
Without tending and care and planning?
How did you come to be in so barren a land as this?

Your vibrant colors should be backed by a curtain of green
Lush, living, and moist with heaven's dew.
You should be one of thousands there - in those more fertile lands.

Ah, perhaps there was planning in your sowing after all.
Perhaps it was His plan that planted you here.
He knowing how you could grow in barren lands.

You add beauty where else there was none.
You bloom despite the adversity that surrounds
 Or perhaps, Beauty in the Barren land, you bloom because of it.