Sunday, June 15, 2008

Camille Update

Thank you all for your comments of support and love. I wanted you to know that Camille is fine. Her body is not but she herself is fine. Jon and I have felt that strongly over the last 2 days. Her body functions have begun shutting down over the last day or so and she will not be with us much longer on this earth. I feel strongly that she has not been in her body since the accident.

Thank you for your prayers and faith and fasting on her behalf. We all feel that she is whole and well and not in pain where she is. Unfortunately for us, we see that it is not the Lord's will that she remain here with us. It is a difficult answer to receive. But we do feel a great peace and a sense that all of this - all the events of the last two days -- even the last few weeks have been in the Lord's plan for us and for Camille.

We will most likely be turning off her respirator this afternoon at four o'clock. Her heart is the only part of her body still functioning. We ask that your prayers be with us today- this afternoon- especially and in the coming weeks and months. We do gain strength from them and right now we need more strength than we have ever needed before.

Thanks again for the comments of support. I read them when I feel strong and able.



Anonymous said...

dear, dear stephanie and jon! my thought and prayers and heart are with you and pray that you will have the strength for what lies ahead. I love you and hug each one of my own daughters as I am reminded of how precious our little ones are.

Mark & Emily said...

i love you so very much. my heart is aching for the pain i know you are feeling and will continue to feel. i do not want you to have to suffer this. i want a miracle. but i know that the lord does what he wants, not what i want. i am not worrid about camille. i know she is fine, like you said. but i ache for you. i am here for you. i love you.

Liz's Blog said...

Hi Stephanie,
We just got home from church and as I am reading your update...tears keep falling. I want you to know that my heart aches for you and your family. I am here for you always for you and your family. Our prayers will be with you continually. We love you and we are here for you.
Liz Smith

Anonymous said...

of course there is nothing that anyone can say that will make the pain go away. prayers are all we have. i am and will be praying for you, especially at 4 o'clock. you are loved!!!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie and Jon,
We just wanted to let you know you are in our thoughts and prayers. We want to lend our support for you in any way that we can.

Dan and Amy Pendleton

annilee said...

I do not know you personally, but I am in Lesli's ward. I had your beautiful daughters in my primary class today, and was so impressed with their strong faith! I could tell they have been taught well! My heart breaks for you, and my tears are also flowing for your family! May god continue to bring you comfort and strength! We pray for you! Love, The Griffin's

Hoskins Family said...

Jon and Steph,
I am so incredibly sorry that your family will suffer such a great loss. We all are praying for your strength. We will all gather at 4 and pray for the peace and comfort that you will need at the most difficult time in your life. We love you so much.

Anonymous said...

Sister Waite,
I love you guys so much. Your whole family is in my prayers. We miss you in young womens. please know that we all believe that your strong testimony will help get you through this time. your strength in the church will help you prepare for what comes next.. come back to us soon! we love you!

Anonymous said...

Jon and Stephanie,
Along with many others, we express our love to you and your family. May the Lord grant you the strength you need during this very difficult time. Our prayers will also be for you this afternoon.
Matt and Rebecca Paxton

Anonymous said...

Dear Waites, we returned from out of town this morning and learned of what your family is facing. We can read the strong faith in your words, but we are so very sorry you are being asked to give Camille back so soon. If there is anything we can do to help you in any way, please let us know. Your family will be in our prayers.
Love, Lloyd & Leslie Wiley and family

Shanan said...

Stephanie, Jon, Sabrina, Ann Marie, and Lauren - we can not even imagine what you are going through at this time. We love you and your little Camille. Her sweet little smile will be missed by many. We offer our support and prayers during this tremendously difficult time. If there is anything at all that we can do, please let us konw. Our prayers will coninually be with you.

We love you!
Shanan & Aaron

Anonymous said...

Stephanie and Jon,

Our hearts go out to you and your family. May the Lord bless you and strengthen you today and in the weeks to come. Know we are there to lift you up and help you in anyway possible. Our prayers are with you and your family. Love Laura and Derek Allen

kbfam said...

The Mia Maid's class sends their love and support. Don't worry about any young women's stuff...we have you covered until further notice. The girls had a great time at camp. I'm sure they will have plenty of great stories to share. Our hearts and prayers are with you! Lots of love!

Mythreesons said...

My heart just aches for you and I am so impressed with your strength and faith. I'm grateful for the peace you've been blessed with and pray for continued strength, peace, and comfort to be poured out upon your sweet family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your girls.
Love, The Hoopes

ShaLayne said...

My tears have not stopped falling all day, and your sweet little family has not left my mind. I pray that you will have the strength to cope with what lies ahead of you. I am happy to help in anyway.

Wendy said...

Jon & Stephanie-
Wanted you to know my prayers are with you and your family. Scott Porter and myself heard the tragic news yesterday while out of town on trip with friends and felt so saddened by it. We've both been fasting for you today. Spencer and Marleen just shared the news that sweet Camille passed away a short time ago. My heart goes out to you with a hope and prayer that you'll be blessed with comfort, strength, love, understanding, and peace.
Wendy G.

Anonymous said...

Jon and Stephanie,

We mourn with you and pray for your peace.

bill & Rebecca Wells and Family.

Anonymous said...

JOn, Steph and girls,
Im sorry for the pain you are all going through. You are all in our prayers.

Maribel, Alexa, Dillon and Jacob Shelton

Anonymous said...

Dear Stephanie,
We miss you in YW, and want you to know that. We will have lots of camp stories to share, and look forward to seeing you again whenever you're ready.
Lexi is in Utah, but fasted with us today and also sends her love.
See you soon,
Cynthia Bailey
p.s. I finished the Twilight Series, and will take a "mini vacation" with "The Host". Thanks for the recommendation.

Emily Sherinian said...

Steph and Jon-

We adore you and yours-- every one of them. We admire you and pray for your continued strength and inspiration. Sending you our thoughts, prayers and love from Washington, DC. - the Sherinian crew

MaryClaire Brown said...

my prayers and thoughts have been with camille and you all day. now, they have only shifted. i can't imagine what you must be going through, but i know you will draw on the power of the spirit to get through this. i love you and your gorgeous family.

Catherine Noorda said...

We love you, Jon & Steph. You are in our thoughts and our prayers. May God heal our hearts. We will always miss Camille.

the Noordas

Super Daysh said...

I'm Emily Hoopes' little sister and she called me this afternoon and asked me to pray for your little Camille and your family. Although I don't know you at all, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your sweet family. I pray that you will all be comforted and blessed with a knowledge that she is always your little Camille. We do love you and pray that you will feel our Father's love in all this as well.

summer c said...

My name is Summer Christiansen and I am a good friend of Liz Smith( I am in the Eldarado Pass Ward.) Liz called me this morning and I passed on the word to as many as I could, to pray for you and your family--I called my family in Iowa also and asked for their prayers. Times like these are so hard and we do not always know why they happen....but your sweet family has already felt the Spirit of the Lord with you in this unfortunate tragedy. I know that you will continue to be blessed with the love and comfort that only our Heavenly FAther can bring to you. Your family and sweet Camille have continually been in my (and my family's) thoughts and prayers all day. You will continue to be in them as the weeks and months unfold.
ps. I think its awesome that your a twilight fan! But who isn't lately?! Those books are so dang 3addicting.

Anonymous said...

Steph and Jon we have fasted and prayed for both of you and our family shares our tears with you through this extremely difficult time! We want you all to know how much we love both of you and your families! Our hearts share a small bit of your sorrows knowing we can't possibly know what you are currently going through! We pray that you will have the comforter by you to give each of you the strength and peace you need to get through these difficult times! Please know that we are here for you in any way to help and comfort your family! We all love you dearly and want to do what ever we can to lighten your burden!
Love Phil and Janet Zobrist

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, John, and girls-

We were so crushed when we heard the news.

We never met your sweet Angel, but, looking at your blog, it is clear to see she truly was.

Our prayers and thoughts are with all of you.

Love, Roberta, Evan, Michaela, Daniella, and Evan Mark Hoover

Jamie said...

I was told about your blog by a friend, and my heart goes out to you and your family. You lived my biggest fear. I know that's every mothers fear, to lose a child. I was so impressed to see your faith help guide you through this. What a test. I say you passed! I pray for your heart to mend, and I know it will. You seem like a very strong person, one even a stranger can look up to. I'm looking at my kids differently right now, and I hope to enjoy every moment with them. You have a beautiful family, and we both know you will see your baby again. What a beautiful gift we've been given by our Savior.