Friday, January 7, 2011

Motherhood - Introduction

Two and a half years ago, this is about the last post I ever thought I would be writing. And I am sheepish to write it now. I don't like self promotion. I am not comfortable with it. However, when I am passionate about something, I like to share and support it. And one thing I am passionate about is the importance and beauty of motherhood. 

I was passionate enough to give up my law career to spend every waking minute with my babies ( I was fortunate to be able to have that choice.) I have been trying desperately these last 9.5 years to be the best mother I can to each of my 5.5 children. I fail somedays. Or maybe I should say I fail in SOME way almost everyday. But I also have seen so many joyous successes as I have watched my children grown and learn and become better despite my mistakes. 

I am not one to spend too much time beating myself up about my short comings. But I fully recognize how many I have. So can you imagine my shock when I recently got a phone call from our State American Mothers representative informing me that I had been selected as Nevada's Young Mother of the Year for the 2011 year? 

I have spent the weeks since that phone call trying to make sense of this honor and trying to learn how that happened and what that means exactly. I had heard of "Mother of the Year" before because I knew a friend of mine's mother got that. 

In my investigation I have learned more about the American Mothers organization and how it promotes and supports motherhood. You can learn more about them HERE. I feel good about supporting their cause by serving as this year's Nevada Young Mother of the Year. I hope to bring a bit of attention to their cause. And so this year I will be doing a weekly post on some aspect of Motherhood. I hope you will enjoy this series of posts and that it will help us all remember how important motherhood is and the sacred trust we have been given to take part in it.

If any of you would like to show your support for the American Mother's organization or help sponsor me as their 2011 Young Mother for Nevada you can email me at