Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Jon came in to get dressed this morning - he works in his PJs from 5:30 till about 8. I was still in bed. He came in and said "Hey it is Good Friday!" Apparently he forgot that the stock market was closed today. So while he did end up working the whole day, it was kind of a day off for him. In other words he was able to do all the work stuff he needs to do but never gets time to do.

The beauty of this "good" friday is an even better Saturday. We should have more time to spend together as a family because he got so much done today. I plan on filling the day with Easter crafts, coloring eggs, a block party, and maybe a movie.

We will see how the belly is feeling. I am getting more limited in how much I can do as the days roll by. Between the contractions and the pelvic pain from PSD I end up spending most of my day sitting in my lazy boy. Sad but true. 

I try to get one outing in each day. Today we went to the LDS Temple here in Las Vegas. This is something we try to do once a month. This was the last time I will be able to go for some months.  It is hard to leave a nursing newborn baby long enough to attend a session at the Temple. 

There is such peace in the temple. I wish I could stay there for hours. If you want to know more about LDS Temples go watch the two videos about Temples HERE.

May you all enjoy your Easter weekend!