Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Way back in 8th grade Mr. Spiegalmeyer's class, I had one of my most embarrassing moments. I was wearing a white Units outfit. (Love the 80s!) I got up to give a report in the front of the class. I walked up the aisle from where I sat in the back. Nervously gave my report and looked up to see stunned faces staring back at me. As I walked back to my seat a girl friend of mine mouthed to me "you started your period."  My tampon had bled through by that 2nd period class and I had a big blood spot on my white outfit. My friend lent me her jacket to tie around my waist as I walked to the school nurse to call my mom. The whole school found out. It followed me for YEARS. Luckily I am pretty self confident and it didn't affect me all that much but it was not an experience I would want for my own daughters.

So about a month ago I bought several pairs of these "period proof" THINX underwear for my daughters. I was sick of having to take extra clothes or underwear or period supplies to the school. My daughters were sick of leaky tampons, sweaty pads, and the stress of leaking.

I was not sure how they would like the THINX. Would they work? Would they feel wet and weird? Would they be ugly? Would they fit? Would they be hard to clean?

Well the reviews are in and they are AMAZING, LIFE CHANGING, and to quote one of my daughters, "the best purchase you have ever made for me!" This month there were ZERO runs to the school, ZERO sheets to wash, and ZERO stress about leaking for my girls.

You might have noticed that I have not endorsed many "products" on this blog. I have been offered to endorse many but never wanted to Profit off the tragedy that made my blog gain readership. But once in a while a product comes along that is so good, I feel it is a Public Service to let the world know about them. This is such a time.

Here is a code for $10 off an order at

If periods are stressing out some young woman in your life or you, go try these out. We love the hiphuggers the best!

Your welcome.