Sunday, February 1, 2009

Praying for Haylee

One of my most devoted reader/commenters who has inspired a few posts from me has asked for a favor. Having a small insight into how she must feel, at least about her fears for her daughters future, I wanted to highlight her request for all of you.

One of the most profound lessons I learned in this trial was the very real and physical effect of having thousands of prayers. I had felt the power of a mother's prayer before. I knew the power of a father's blessing. But I had never had literally thousands of people praying for me like that before. 

I felt carried and lifted by those thousands of prayers from family, friends, and strangers of varied faiths. I felt wrapped in a cocoon of faith and angels. In those early months, I absolutely needed that. I don't know how I would have survived without all those prayers and the power they produced in my life.

Tonight my friend Kathryn_M needs prayers for her daughter. Here is what she shared in her last comment:

My dear, sweet daughter who, at 22 years old, faces more health struggles than most will in a life time - she has autism, tourette's syndrome, ploycystic ovarian syndrome, mental health issues (most likely bi-polar) and epilepsy -- has me very worried.

This morning, she had a very bad seizure and stopped breathing. Her father had just left to visit his 91 year old father. I managed to get and keep her airway patent and get some ativan inside her cheek ... all the while thinking of Jett Travolta.

She is resting now. I will go lie with her but wanted to ask you and your readers to please keep this precious and so very special young lady in your prayers. Her name is Haylee.

My heart physically hurts for all she must endure and I am so frightened about what will happen after me and her Dad are gone or can no longer able to provide the supports she so desparately needs.

with love and thanks,

So today I am sending prayers your way Haylee and Kathryn. May you feel of their power and know you are never alone.