Friday, February 6, 2009

A Name Question

Okay readers. I need some unbiased help. My husband and I have been discussing a certain name that one of us really loves and the other thinks is too gender neutral. We both want a name that when people hear it or see it they will know is a boy. We both think that seeing this name people will think boy. 

The problem is that one of us thinks that when people hear this name they will think girl or will not be sure boy or girl. So I am putting up a poll on my blog to get an idea what a sample of the public thinks of this name. Boy for sure - Girl for sure - or gender neutral/not sure.

PLEASE let me know whether you think BOY GIRL or NOT SURE/COULD BE EITHER when you HEAR the name...

OH yeah! Could you ask your husband or wife to vote too so we can ensure the vote is not overwhelmingly female? Thanks!


Thanks readers! 

I should note that this in no way indicates we have chosen this name. It is one on a long list of names we have been discussing.