Thursday, January 28, 2010

Typing One Handed

I have had my hands tied up the past couple of days. Sorry if I have been slow getting back to anyone on emails. My hands have been engaged in a most important work. And they have been loving every minute of it. They have been rubbing and patting and soothing and holding. It is their way of giving comfort. And the last couple of days this little guy has needed lots of that.

Mr. Noble woke up on Tuesday not feeling very well. He is cutting a 6th tooth and has a fairly constantly running nose. And he had a rash in his diaper area. But this seemed to be something more. He wasn't crying too much ... unless I put him down. He just wanted to be on my lap all day. He kept laying his head down on me. He hardly ever does that. To me this cuddliness was a sign that he really wasn't feeling good.

So I made an appointment with the doctor. I felt a little silly when she asked what was wrong and the primary symptom was that he was extra snuggley. But then that is so often the tale tale sign with babies.

She checked him out and found an ear infection and a yeast infection. Not so good. But we were glad to know what was hurting and why and how we can get all better.

He already seems to be feeling quite a bit better. I hate having him not feel well, but I have been savoring the time I have had with him laying on me and gaining comfort from my touch. It is a gift to be able to comfort my sweet baby. And I am happy to sacrifice my schedule to do it for this little guy.

The dishes and emails and blog posts and laundry can wait. My hands have been otherwise occupied. For this is the work my hands were meant to do. It is the greatest work any hands can do -- pure service to relieve the suffering of another. It is the work of the mother, the doctor, the nurse, the friend, the good Samaritan, the Savior.