Sunday, November 29, 2009

John Jones

This week my husband told me about a news report he read about a guy who got stuck and died in the Nutty Puddy caves in Utah near BYU where we went to college together. Today he told me more details about the story. I remember being invited to go explore these caves in college. I am a bit claustrophobic though so I didn't go. Still so many of my friends did go that this story seemed personal to me. This could have been any one of my friends.

So today I read more about this man, John Jones, and his trial being stuck upside down in a space 10 inches high by 18 inches wide for 28 or so hours while rescue workers labored to get him out. And I read a bit about his family and his life. He was 26. He was married and had a 14 month old little girl. I kinda have a serious soft spot for 14 month old little girls. His wife is expecting their second child. He was a BYU grad and was in medical school at the University of Virginia.

His life reads so much like so many of my friends. I just really feel heart broken for his wife and family. I saw that there is a memorial fund set up for his wife and children. I can imagine how stressful money would be on top of the grief for this new young widow of a med student. I wanted to do something. So tomorrow I am going to Wells Fargo to donate to the Emily Jones Memorial Fund. I think it will be the perfect way to officially start the Christmas season in my heart. And yet, I want to do more.

So .... I am thinking I want to do an auction to raise money for this young widow. I am going to be posting some things this week that will be auctioned off to raise money for this fund. The auctions will start tomorrow. I will try to do one every day. If you want to put something up for auction, let me know in a comment. Otherwise, watch this week for auction items and details on bidding.

If you don't want to bid on anything you see, think about making a donation at Wells Fargo to the Emily Jones Memorial Fund. I think it will be the best gift I give this Christmas.

You can read the family's statement HERE.