Friday, May 22, 2009

Dance Review

Seeing as so many of you share my passion for "Dance" and you do not live close enough to come to the parties I will be hosting. I am going to make the day after the performance show a review post. Sorry to those who don't watch the show or don't care about it.
I actually was travelling last night so I had to wait till this morning to watch the first show. So after a sleep deprived night and after my first big nap of the day, I turned on some "Dance" to wake me up enough to be a responsible mom.
New York is always good for big talent. It did not disappoint. I loved the very first audition they showed. I could not believe that girl suffered from RA. She was amazing. Performance wise I think she might have been my favorite. She stood out from the crowd for me.
I loved that Natalie (Katee's friend) and the other guy that made Mary cry were back and that they both made it though. I have high hopes for them.
I was disappointed by the lack or really cool hip hop dancers. Seemed there were more amazing contemporary dancers last night. There were also few good ballroom auditions. I loved the one with the eternal pot spin but was sad that the girl didn't make it past choreography.
I will defintitely be watching this show again when I get home on my HDtv. :) I was thrilled with all the great little dance clips they collaged together and hope to see more of those great auditions in the coming weeks.
I wish FOX would post on the internet more of the auditions so we could watch them. Anyone out there work for FOX???
What did you think of the show and who were your favorites from this round of auditions?