Friday, June 22, 2012

New Eyes

My new eyes are doing well. Actually, the actual procedure has been the worst part of this so far. It was a bit "Star Trek" like to me having my eyes probed and prodded while I was awake. That was unsettling. My brother in law's calming voice helped. But it is still crazy seeing things things coming down to my eyeball straight on.

And now they are a little dry and sore but not too bad. I can see lots better than I could before without glasses. I am able to read what I am typing. But I cannot see as well as I could before with glasses. The words on the screen are a little fuzzy.

I have been sleeping lots and resting my eyes as much as possible. That seems to help. Plus I get to wear these awesome googles at night for the next two weeks. Note the sticker that one of the girls put on them to decorate me while I slept.

I think it is pretty amazing that we have the knowledge and technology to make our eyes work better. I mean the fact that I can see the words on this screen is pretty miraculous to me.

I am pleased that the pain level has been far less than I feared. I haven't had to use the pain eye drops since we left the surgery center. I guess this weekend is supposed to be hard when my eyes are healing up. Someone told me day 3 was their worst day. But day one has been manageable since my hubby stayed home to take care of being me for the day.

Now I guess I better head off to bed again. I don't think I have gotten this much sleep in 12 years. So nice to have doctors orders to sleep as much as possible to let your eyes heal. I bet there are a lot of moms out there who would want those kind of doctors orders!