Friday, June 18, 2010

Track Break Here We Come

A couple of days ago Jon was in his home office on a business call. The woman he was talking to said, "What is that music you are listening to? Is that jazz? I could listen to that all day!" Jon then told her it was his 7 year old playing the violin. Annie is headed to violin camp next week. I hope she will learn lots as she takes lessons from various instructors and plays in group and orchestra classes.

Yesterday picking her up from school she presented me with this beautiful art project showing the anatomy of a flower. She gave it to me and said in her most dramatic form, "The petals are the love and the stem is where all the love flows up to be spread to all around and the leaves, they are the kind acts that we do to show the love. The roots are where all the love is gathered to flow up to the plant. And the dirt," here her flowing voice goes flat and she says, "well it is the kitchen where we all eat." That cracked me up. Love in the home - at least in my home - does often center in the kitchen but I am not sure how I feel about mine being compared to dirt.

Today is the last day of school before track break and since Annie will be spending all day everyday next week at violin camp I have set up a mini summer camp for Sabrina. She and 5 girl friends will rotate to a different girls house each of 6 days next week. Each mom will teach some kind of lesson and have some activities planned for the girls. They will be learning to roller skate, swim strokes, do hair, sew, do crafts, make a full dinner, scrapbook, and put together a fashionable outfit. I hope it is fun for them.

Hopefully the girls will feel like they have a "summer" before we head back for 9 month school next year.