Wednesday, June 16, 2010


June 16th - And so we begin year three. Thanks for all the prayers, thoughts and support. I had an fine few days. I want these days eventually to become just another day. I will celebrate Camille on her birthday. The June days... those I would rather just forget. So we did nothing special to mark the day and I tried to think about it as little as possible and that worked for me.

SO You Think You Can DANCE?!!- It is the first voting show of So You Think You Can Dance tonight! PARTY time! Come watch with me at 8:30 ish. I have really yummy cookie dough!

Where in the World is my Book? - I think I lent my copy of "Hunger Games" the first book in the Hunger Games series to someone and I can't remember who. If whoever it is reads this, please let me know so I can get it back. My sister in law wants to borrow it.

A Great Summer Read - I just finished another really good book last night called "Mistborn" by Brandon Sanderson. It reminded me of the Hunger Games with a bit of magic in it kinda Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings ish. I would highly recommend it for a summer read.

New Talents Explored - Yesterday at Mutual I learned that I am really rather good at keeping an M&M attached to a straw by sucking it in while running halfway across a gym. I am not so good at getting an Oreo from resting on my forehead to inside my mouth without using any hands/arms/legs etc. These are good things to know about yourself.

A New Look -- I have been wanting to change the look of my blog recently. But I am not design or computer savvy enough to do what I really want. So I picked this new design from Blogger for now. How do you like it?

Big Announcement Coming Tomorrow - I do have another announcement to make but it is so big that I think it deserves its own post... so check back for big news about changes here at the Waite house tomorrow...