Sunday, September 7, 2008


Tonight I am tired. Life is hardest when we are tired. We all feel it at some point. It is just a matter of what we are tired of that differs. Some are tired of feeling sick. Some are tired of fighting addictions, or temptations, or depression. Some are tired of being pregnant, or climbed on, or pooped on, or spit up on. Some are tired of feeling lonely. Some are tired of having to get up every day and work all day to provide for their families. Our trials differ but sometimes each of us gets tired of bearing our personal cross.

Tonight I am tired. I am tired of not having to keep my voice down at night putting the girls to bed because there is no sleeping baby. I am tired of waking up to silence. I am tired of trying to keep my mind firm and positive. I am tired of people worrying about me. I am tired of worrying about myself. I am just tired. 

Jonathan just asked me what I was posting about. I told him I was posting about being tired. He said that was not a good thing to post about. He said I should post about my "dh." He said posting about my "dh" and how cute he is would be much more interesting. My self proclaimed "designated hitter" is right. 

We all get tired but we cannot, we must not give up the good fight. We must take up our cross and fight onward. The stakes are just too high. The alternative is too bleak. Heaven watches us most closely when we are tired. It is the crucial point in the game that defines us as players. What do we do when we are tired? Do we give up or do we call for help and carry on. These tired times are defining moments. 

Tonight I am going to follow the advice of my "dh" and tell you all I love that man. It is he who can make me smile through my tears. It is he who helps me bear my cross despite the weight of his own. I love that man. He is an example of strength and endurance to me. Now I am going to follow his example and his cute behind and head up to bed.