Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Improving my Integrity

Integrity #2

I took a self assessment and the way I can improve my integrity is to live my beliefs more fully in my home. I know how I need to be a better parent. I need to be less quick to raise my voice and more quick to get up and just do rather than ask another to do for me. I will be living with more integrity if I live according to that knowledge. I am working on it. It's gonna be a long process. I am not going to be perfect at it but I am looking to see progress.

My habit to form is to control my tone of voice to always be kind even if it needs to be firm.

Live the Standards in For the Strength of the Youth

Integrity #1

I live most of these anyway but the media one is a bit harder. I know when I live the standards in for the Strength of the Youth, my thoughts are cleaner. I have felt that this month. I feel closer to the Spirit and more able to focus on what is important.

Serve a Family Member

Good Works #5
I feel more connected to the family member I served. I feel a great love between us as our relationship is stronger and closer. Sometimes it is easy to take for granted the people in our family that we love and who love us but pointedly serving them has helped me have a more intentionally present connection with them.

Dear Evan Hansen

Knowledge #3

I was in NYC a couple weeks ago with my sister's in law and we saw the musical Dear Evan Hansen. While it did have some language in it, I loved the message so much. The theme of it was that every life matters and we all need to be heard and connected and loved. I loved the music and the acting was on point. It only had 9 cast members but they sang beautifully and made the production feel larger than it was.

As it relates to Article 13 - There was a lot of virtue in the play. The messages of being loved and feeling valued are some of the most important virtues out there. The music was lovely. The acting was of good report and praiseworthy. Overall I think this musical fits the bill of being in line with the 13th article of faith, despite the language.

Why Knowledge?

Knowledge #1

I often hear from my children complaints about the usefulness of the math skills they are learning. Why is this knowledge important? When will I ever use it?

Maybe some knowledge you gain you won't ever use. But gaining knowledge is a divine gift that makes us happy. It is good to learn. When we aren't learning we can get a feeling of discontent. It is important to use your mind and learn your whole life through.

I have found the knowledge I have gained gives me confidence, wisdom and more opportunities in life. I am a better wife and mother with every bit of knowledge I aquire.

Family Matters

Divine Nature #3
For the past few weeks I have been making efforts to improve my relationships with certain family members. Rather than share my observations directly with those family members, I share them here.

A big part of having smooth family relationships involves forgiveness. When you live with people you get to see all sides of them. Not everything they say or do is edited. You get the raw uncut version and there are lots of times when the people you live with can say or do things that are hurtful, rude, offensive or just downright annoying. That is a fact of life.

There is no changing that. So I have found that it is best to forgive and let go of these offenses as quickly as possible. I have become less bothered by little things over the years, which helps. But I also have to not think too deeply or to hard about really hurtful things people say or do. Instead, I have found that if I just point out that it is not acceptable to speak to me that way or say "that was hurtful" I can let the person know they need to do better without having to let the barb sink deep into the flesh of my soul and wound me too deeply.

It is easier to make those efforts to strengthen relationships when you forgive quickly and can serve a person in genuine love.