Monday, September 29, 2008

Surf's Up

The kids watching a huge pelican that flew right down to visit us. It was bigger than it seems in this photo and closer too.

Saturday was such a wonderful day. I had a teary time falling asleep the night before. Too much sorrow built up in the heart. It still happens about once a week. So Saturday was just the remedy I needed. 

We woke up to a foggy morning. This is quite a novelty for us know coming from Las Vegas. I love when the weather seems to mimic my moods. And a cool and humid fog was just the right atmosphere to fit the bill. 

After a wonderful breakfast of waffles by Elizabeth we organized and pack and headed to the beach. I had never been to this beach before but it is the perfect place to learn to surf. My girls swore they were not going near a surfboard. They only wanted to play in the sand. 
Here are Lauren and cousin Charby playing in the sand.

Sometimes I am amazed I am raising such girly girls. I grew up surrounded by 3 brothers. I could ride and jump a bike as well as any of the neighbor boys, I played football and soccer and tee ball with the boys and could do almost any trick they could on the trampoline. My girls have little to no interest in any of this. I try to get them to be a bit more sporty but they are -- how can I put this nicely -- "easily frightened."

So I wasn't sure how successful the surfing would be. At the beach, they watched their cousin Berk surf a few waves with his dad and then Annie said she would try. She just didn't want to get wet. I had to pick her up and carry her out to the surf board. But then well... you can see for yourself below.

After Annie surfed, Sabrina thought she might try. This was the girl who swore to me she was not going to get on a surfboard. Here she is below on her first try with Uncle Morgan.
See that big smile? She loved it!

When the girls had had their fill, I decided I better show them their mom is not a wuss. So with a push in the right direction, here is my first ever attempt at surfing.
It was fun. I am glad I did it. Now I just need to work my arms out more so I can more easily paddle out. That was a workout on the arms.

The sun never did shine through the fog for more than a minute or two the whole time we were at the beach. I kept hoping it would burn off the clouds and warm us all up, but no such luck. Sometimes, the fog is harder to burn off than others. But there is a stillness and beauty in the fog too. It is cooling and soothing like being wrapped in a cool blanket. 

From the beach, we headed home, showered and changed and went to church to watch the Women's Conference broadcast from Salt Lake City. The world wide leaders of our church speak to us in these conferences that occur twice a year. This conference was the most amazing one I have ever heard. Perhaps it was more that I was more prepared to hear the talks. If you haven't heard it you should go watch it on the internet HERE. I loved Julie Beck's talk and Elder Uchtdorf's was simply inspiring. I could write a whole post just on the insight I got from this conference. Maybe another day.

After the conference my friend Kathryn and I headed to the Honda center in Anaheim for the So You Think You Can Dance tour. It was even better in person. Our seats were amazing. We were the second row from the floor and the stage was set at half court. The dancers were incredible. Will is just a work of art and his dance is a thing of beauty. They performed all the best dances from the season. Best of all I got to spend over 4 hours with a dear long time friend. It is so comforting to be in the presence of those who really really know you. Love you Kathryn! Thanks again!

What a great day Saturday was. Falling asleep that night with a cool comforting blanket of fog covering all the land was quick and easy.