Sunday, June 7, 2009

June 6, 2009 - WonderFULL!

I want to mark the date for such a wonderful day. Yesterday was a day FULL of wonderful things. The schedule was full with treat making, cleaning, swim lessons, family dinners, incredible food, amazing friends, and it was all topped off with spiritual events that filled my heart. During the baptism I was filled with peace and that amazing feeling of being lifted up to a higher plane of consciousness where somehow the world fades away and life - with all the good and the bad - seems to come together and make sense. I felt a few moments of pure clarity devoid of the confusion and tumult of life. These are the moment we live for. They are beautiful.

We started the day early cleaning the house. My awesome friend Stephanie showed up unexpectedly ready to help. I want to be like her when I grow up. She saw the need when she was over the day before and just came over to help. She is awesome! Thanks again Stephanie.

When the cleaning was done we spent some sorely needed time with the cousins from California who drove up for the baptism. Later more cousins came and we played with all of them over a meal before heading to the church.

Attending Sabrina's baptism and Noble's blessing were: the Martin family whose daughter Alexis was also baptized; Grandad Harris and Nana; Grandad and Grandma Waite; Morgan and Elizabeth Harris with Berkeley, Stella, Charlotte and baby in the belly; Brad and Julene Ballard with Joshua, Allyse, Joseph, Angelina, and Benjamin; Aaron and Carolyn Waite with Eden and Ava (in from Tennessee); Darleen Meier with Stella, Lucas, and Jackson (in from Connecticut); Spencer and Marleen Gunnerson with Nora, Aubrey and baby in the belly; David Waite and Stephen Waite; Chesley and Mary Davies; Justin and Sarah Striblen with Abigail and Madeline; Kathy and Lauren Fairchild; Jason and Stephanie Morris with Jameson, Susanna, Abigail, and Carson; Catherine Noorda with Cooper, Brennan, and baby in the belly; Shelli Bryan with Conner, Ryder, Ainsley and nephew Ryan LaBarbara; Lisa Bench, Carolyn Crockett, Reed Howe; Jonathan and Stephanie Waite with Sabrina, Ann Marie, Lauren, Noble, ... Camille, and many others the eye cannot see.

Yes, at one point in the program at the end of the baptism talk I felt distinctly that Camille was next to me. Moments later her sisters Sabrina and Ann Marie got up to sing a special musical number and I felt she was with them on at the podium. This was one of the highlights of the event for me.

The second came as I watched in the wings with a towel while Sabrina was baptized by her father. It was very much like watching a birth for me. It felt renewing, like the start of a new phase, and I felt the Spirit witness to me more than at any other baptism before that this ordinance is a new birth. Sabrina walked up the steps of the baptismal font to me after and as I wrapped the towel around her I said "Happy Birthday." This was truly a new birthday for her.

She walked into the bathroom to change and said to Alexis "your turn." Later they were confirmed. And after the closing song and prayer we blessed baby Noble. Between my furious note taking I saw all the little children there singing together the closing song and again I had a moment of instruction from heaven. Little children - they are our examples. It is all about becoming meek, submissive, innocent and humble as a little child. That is my goal. 

I am grateful for a family so filled with little children to remind me of that and who daily lead the way.