Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Thousand Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, I think I will use some pictures to help answer the question someone posted in a comment asking how my kids are doing then. Otherwise this would be a really long post about how incredible my children are.

Ann and Sabrina after the funeral at my parents house in their spa

Here I will note that these are all daytime pictures. Just as the nights are harder for me, they are harder for these two smiling bathing beauties above.

Lauren on the 4th of July at my parents house

Lauren is her silly, happy, giggly self. She understands that Camille is with Jesus and not coming back but that we will see her again when we go to be with Jesus and Camille someday. She doesn't like "diving" and misses playing with Camille because Camille is her "best fwend." Still she is happy even when she talks about missing Camille and wanting to play with her.

Sabrina after the funeral at my parents house on the slip and slide

Going back to school has been good for Sabrina. It keeps her mind occupied and she is happy most of the time. Once in a while she gets sad and wraps herself up in the "magic blanket" (see earilier post) and comes to me for rockies. "I just want to hold Camille again," she says. I tell her "me too." We go into Camille's room and look at her pictures and talk about stories about her and then she feels better remembering her happy little sister.

Ann Marie having fun on the slip and slide after the funeral

Ann Marie has a big heart that she tries to hide from most. She was used to being home all day with Camille and misses her being around to play with. She is happiest being busy and playing. She too uses the "magic blanket" to comfort herself and then comes to me for extra comfort when she needs it. She is still having trouble sleeping. She actually has always had trouble sleeping but this has made it worse. I have to lay by her now till she falls asleep. I don't mind this though because she is as much a comfort to me as I am to her.

Jon is doing well. He has his waves of grief like I do but he is working all day and has to focus on that. Work is a good distraction for him. He has also discovered Wii-therapy. Anyone got good suggestions on the best Wii games for him? He has been playing lots of Wii sports and Super Mario Galaxy and Wii Play with the kids. It takes his mind off things and gives him a break from stock market stress too.

As for me, well. I think I will let this picture speak for me.

Me watching my older kids,
my niece Aubrey (Camille's closest cousin)
and my brother in law Spencer at my parents house on the 4th of July.