Monday, April 27, 2009

Not This Week!

I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow. My doctor has been predicting an April baby for a couple of weeks now. Last time I went and she checked me (a week ago) she got all excited. "I'm touching the baby's head. You are dilated to a 3! Let's break your water and have a baby!" She is funny--totally energetic and excited. 

"Hmmm. No this is not a good week," I replied. "I have company coming in town this week." She was sure that this fact would put me in to labor. Yet, alas I am still pregnant. 

Today I found out that both Sabrina and Ann Marie made it into their school talent show. Apparently they only had room for 12 acts. Sabrina will be singing "Maybe" from Annie and Ann Marie is playing Allegro on the violin. They have practices after school this week and the performance is on Friday. 

So that pretty much translates into "I can't have a baby this week." Hopefully my body will cooperate. I do still have one more week till my due date. And I have been dilated to a 3 before and still gone over due and had to be induced so I am hopeful. I can wait. Hopefully Noble can too.