Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Mummy's Mummy

Thanks for the comments on the No More Shots post. It is good to hear other's experiences with this type of reaction to shots. I will certainly be talking to our doctor next time we go. As for any association from Camille -- I wondered that too. She did not see any shots given to Camille but she did see her in the hospital with tubes in her. If her development of this reaction is related to seeing Camille, it is not on a conscious level. She isn't scared of shots before, she just has a physical reaction once she sees someone get one.

In any case, she is doing well since her big cry and we are glad to be celebrating holidays. Yesterday she was a lady bug. Ann Marie was a witch and Sabrina was a ghost. Noble suffered through some swaddling to be a Mummy so I could be the Mummy's Mummy.

It was a fun night and much less difficult than last years. I did miss Camille more than on a regular day but so much less than last Halloween. Just for fun here is a photo of our Halloween 2 years ago.

Cousins Jack and Morgan as ghosts.
Annie as a vet. Lauren the pumpkin.
Sabrina as "Lucile" from Junie B. Jones books.
Camille, our little pea pod.