Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Gift of a Memory

Here is Camille two winters ago wearing a hat, but not the same hat as at the baby shower.

Today I went to the baptism of one of my best friend's son. There was a woman there who introduced herself to me and told me she reads my blog. As we chatted she reminded me that we had met once before at a baby shower for this same friend. She reminded me that I had Camille with me at that baby shower.

Suddenly I remembered going to that baby shower. I remembered having Camille with me. I remembered her outfit, especially her pink fuzzy hand crocheted hat. I remembered how she looked like a little old lady with it on because it looked a little like an old lady cap. She was so cute. She must have been about Noble's age. She was not old enough for me to leave for too long yet.

I sat there after our conversation relishing in this "new" memory of my sweet daughter. I wish I could remember every moment of our time together. But the reality is that my memory has more wholes than that crocheted hat. I cling hard to the sweet memories I do have. But it was so sweet to have another one gifted to me like this.

I wanted to record it here so I could remember it again someday. Had I known how short our time together would have been, I would have recorded so much more. But then there are so many things we would do differently if we knew how short our time with our loved ones would really be.

Tonight I am grateful for one more memory to file in my mind of the sweet little girl who, to me, stole the show at that baby shower so long ago.