Thursday, May 22, 2008

Play Gym

I guess the fourth kid just gets treated differently from the first. There is no getting around it. With the first you buy toys for them to play with. By the fourth, well let's just say there hasn't been any need for toy buying. Camille has made her own play gym in our house. Here are some photos of her in action.
Camille thinks this drawer is her personal ball pit. It is filled with plastic IKEA kid cups and bowls, which are as colorful as the balls in a ball pit. She climbs in here by herself and throws the cups and bowls out and stands up to rearrange the plastic plates in the next drawer up.

Note the cups and bowls all over.

This is another of Camille's favorite places to play. She likes to climb into this side compartment of our media center. This is where the speakers should go if we had any. It is just her size and she likes to climb in there and look out at everyone.

We love our little Cami!