Friday, August 29, 2008

Midnight Sun

Some of you may have already heard about the leak of this much anticipated novel by Stephenie Meyer. I feel really sad that someone leaked a partial draft of her book on the internet. I am even MORE bummed that she has put the book on hold indefinitely because of this leak. 

I am thrilled, however, that she has made the partial draft available to us her fans who wouldn't go read it illegally on the internet. If you want to download it go see her site HERE I have spent the day reading on my laptop. I would SOOOO much rather be holding a book than a computer, but I have throughly enjoyed reading this side of the Twilight novel. I actually wish I had read this before I read Breaking Dawn.

I hope Meyer decides to return to this novel and finish it someday. I just know how bummed I am going to be when I get to the end of this draft. I think having this partial draft out there will only whet appetites all the more. 

Well I am 150 pages into the 264 page draft and loving it. I am feeling better today. The fever seems to be more under control and Edward and Bella have been occupying my thoughts. I think I will return to them now. Happy reading!