Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shuffle, Shuffle, Waddle, Waddle

With only 9 days left to go before we get to meet the little son making me hurt day and night, I am finally starting to get excited for a baby. Really, I have mostly been looking forward to the impending birth as an end of my pain. I haven't thought too much about the little baby we will be getting in trade. But as the time is growing near I have felt the need to get ready.

It seems each day it gets harder to walk or sleep or get up and down now so I have been trying to get things prepared before it gets worse. This weekend we picked up a crib from my mom and dad and a small dresser they weren't needing anymore. Jon put them up in Lauren's room. (She doesn't sleep there. But her clothes and things are there. She prefers to sleep with Annie and Sabrina in their room in their pull out trundle.)

I had purchased a couple of extra crib sheets for this second crib. So we put the new crib sheet on. Then a couple of days ago we moved Noble's sound machine and blankets and babies (he likes to sleep with 2 baby dolls) over to the new crib. He started sleeping in that room that day and was happy about the change. He helped Lauren to bring all his clothes over to the new dresser. He was excited. He loves to help. He seems to understand that this is his new room and his new dresser. I just wish it weren't a pink room. (Lauren's choice when we moved here.)

I have thought about painting it for him but as soon as the baby starts to sleep through the night Noble will be moving back into the nursery. So I figure he will just have to be in the "pink room" for about 9 months.

Today I laundered all the baby clothes and folded them and put them in the nursery dresser. I think that has really started getting me excited for the little guy who will soon be wearing them. They seem so tiny and yet I know so often those tiny clothes seem huge on a newborn.

The days pass one by one, though sometimes it seems time is standing still. I hear the words of Shakespeare echoing in my mind ... Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pace from day to day. And yet I am treasuring each day, each moment with my little family and my little children as I see them growing and changing right before my eyes.

Shuffle, shuffle, waddle, waddle, I move forward with time as best I can day after endless day.