Monday, July 21, 2008


Last night I dreamt we were at the cabin in July and as we drove down the road suddenly there was snow everywhere. People were skiing and sledding and playing. The best part was that it wasn't cold outside and the snow wasn't cold. It was about 6 inches deep and I wanted so much to just get busy playing in it. I was with my parents in the car and I told them, "We HAVE to go get Annie from the Cabin!!!"

They went to go get her and I ... well, I played in the snow. 

This morning I woke up with that dream still vivid in my mind and with genuine hope and excitement. This is the first morning since the accident that I can honestly say that. Here is the reason why:
My Snow Angels!

Rachel and Elizabeth, two of my sister in laws, are in town! We are doing fun activities with the kids and enjoying lots of girl time. We are enjoying the "Christmas in July" season. I love these women. I am so excited to have them in town. 

So, determined to ride the high I am feeling as long as possible, we packed up the cousins and headed to the water park. My friend Catherine joined us and brought some fun cups to put on the water spouts. We had fun getting wet and watching the cups fly.

Here is cousin Berk in the foreground putting cups on the spouts. Cousin Stella, Annie and I are trapped in the back waiting for the fountains to stop so we can put cups on too.
Here are Annie, me, and Lauren after we have been playing in the water fountains.

Family time is so fun ... well at least for some of us. I don't think Charlotte or Hugh were enjoying themselves in this photo below. I was having a great time though. I know Camille would be proud of her Mama for finally having a real "living" day. A sort of "snow" day in the middle of the summer.

Thanks to Elizabeth for taking the photos and for letting me use her big old camera to take the photo of her and Rachel.