Monday, July 14, 2008

Call me Junior

"Why was Camille's mission here on Earth so short, Mama?" Sabrina asked me yesterday on the way to church.

I like to have answers for my children's questions. When they ask why the sky is blue, I explain the science behind it in terms kids can understand. We have had discussions about germs, cells, how every part of the body works, government, history, money, the plan of salvation, repentance, the atonement, and death. Yes, we have answered a lot of questions about death lately too.

Most of the time I have a pretty good answer for all these questions. But this question, "why was Camille's mission here on Earth so short?" Well, I started with "I don't know for sure." Some things God doesn't tell us. Some things are His to know and us to not worry about but trust that He who knows all is doing right by us. 

What I could tell Sabrina about was the work her sister is doing now. I told her about this blog. I explained how I had a website like her Webkinz site where just like she could play with people far away I could write and hear from people all over the world. I told her that Camille and I are now missionary companions. This idea came to me by way of a comment by Ashley who is the younger sister of my old roommate Kami. The more I think on it and the more comments I read from all of you, the more I am impressed to agree. 

Missionaries for our church go out in twos. There is a Senior companion and a Junior companion. Now I never was able to serve a mission for our church. I always wanted to, but when I prayed about going, well, the Lord had other plans for me. In the limited experience I have had with missionaries, it always seems that the senior companion has more experience in the mission field and he or she takes the lead.

I feel humbled at the thought of being a companion in Camille's work now. I may write these words, but it is her life that has inspired them. It is her spirit that touches so many people reading them.  Just as I was allowed to see my own children through her eyes to forever change me as a mother, she is working to whisper eternal truths into the hearts and minds of so many on this earth. I rejoice in this work of hers, for ultimately it is His work. 

Thank you for the comments you send to let me know how she has touched your life. These comments help me to feel the power and the purpose of her work. We may be separated in body but we are united in our mission and purpose. I have never felt closer to her than I do right now. I am learning from her everyday. I am humbled and happy to be her junior companion.