Thursday, March 17, 2011

Links and Update

I have been doing lots of sitting lately. So I have been checking my email frequently and visiting a few sites here and there. Here are a few sites that have come to my attention in my inbox that I want to share.

My friend Emily has started a new crafty type blog. I don't have that crafty talent but I enjoy seeing what others create (and buying it if I like it.) Emily makes yummy food and shares her recipes and cute crafty things that she sells or teaches others how to make on this new blog. If that sounds up your alley go check her out at HERE.

Another family is experiencing the crippling pain of fresh grief after their fourth daughter Samantha Marie died on Sunday. She was just 2 months old. Knowing full well the power of many prayers, I ask you to take a minute and say one now for this sweet family.

On a separate note, I had my 2nd to last Dr. appointment today. Nothing is happening. Snickerdoodle looks good but I am not having contractions and my body is not starting labor anytime soon. Oh well. I am still 8 days away from having this baby out of my insides and in my arms. That is the update from here. Happy St. Patty's day everyone!