Sunday, January 23, 2011

Motherhood - Chapter 2 - Superpowers

When you become a mother, people don't usually tell you that you automatically acquire superpowers. But you do - at least to the little person or people who call you Mom. Mothers around the world are super finders, super comforters, and super creators.

I remember as a little girl how astonished I was at my mother's ability to find all my lost things. I was even more astonished when I became a mother myself and found that I this super finding power. Of course I also realized why I had this power. My home is my office, my domain, my everyday. I am the one who most often puts things away. I am the one who organizes the drawers and cabinets and even the clothes and toys and shoes. So I guess it makes sense that most of the time, I know better than anyone where things are.

Of course this super power comes with the duty of maintaining it by keeping things organized and using it by helping family members find whatever they seek. I wonder if super heroes feel like saving the world is sometimes a lot of work?

This weekend I have been using my super power of comfort. I am no doctor or nurse but I have a healing power no one else possesses - at least to my children. Every mother does. I have had a couple of sick tummies to tend this weekend. Tummy aches are hard to nurse back to health because there isn't always so much you can do. Especially when you aren't sure why the tummy hurts. Sometimes the only reliable help is to have your mom next to you.

I have spent many, many hours this weekend laying in bed with tummy aching girls. Sometimes I read to them. Sometimes I stroke their hair or hold their hand. Sometimes I snuggle them. It is the only medicine I can give them but it does have power. I know that they feel better just having me there. I know because I feel the same way when I am sick or hurting. When nothing else can help, just having your mom next to you helps.

As mothers we also are super creators. I am not talking about crafts and culinary delights. We can be the creators of things far greater than this. We can be the creators of self esteem and confidence. We have the power to create or destroy the self concept of our children. How important it is for us to keep on the side of super heroes, lighting up when we see our children and letting them know how incredible they are as Children of God! It is so easy to lose sight of this super power that we carry almost unknowingly every minute of every day.

Super powers certainly come with great responsibility. But when you feel overwhelmed by everyone's needs that only you can help, remember if you are a mother, you really are a super hero!