Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Great Vacation Weekend

That is what you get when July 4th ends up being on a weekend. Kids are out of school and everyone is already in summer vacation mode so with the three day weekend giving adults an extra day off work it seems nearly all the world travels.

We were no exception. We have traversed the highways and byways of Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Idaho the past 4 days. We have spent wonderful time out in nature enjoying the cooler weather and rain bursts. I will post later about the main reason for our trip -- a Harris Family Reunion. (Those only happen about once every 10 years.) It was so wonderful to see and reacquaint myself with so many of my cousins. But that is a story for another post when I get the pictures.

Today I just will share a couple photos of the girls and Noble at the farm where the magic all took place.

Here is little Mr. Noble being held so expertly by Aunt Nikki. This is one of the rare "awake and happy" moments so I had to capture it on film. Noble got to know several of my cousins and their kids as he was passed around. And he spent a good 5 hours napping in the basement of the farm with Dado reading a book next to him to keep his ear out for him.

Here are Sabrina and Lauren on the pony that my aunt and uncle brought in to give pony rides. The great looking gentleman holding the horse is my cousin Stephen. He got to know Noble pretty well that day and became one of Lauren's FAVORITES (I told you she has them) as soon as he took her to get rides on the horse. Thanks Stephen!

Here is my brother Stephen with Ann Marie and my cousin Mark's grandson Aiden Diego (his daughter Crystal is just a couple years younger than me and a good friend too).
And here is Lauren as happy as it gets on her first horse ride of the day. Lauren's Aunt Nikki was "driving" this first go round the field. Thanks Aunt Nikki!

Glad to be home tonight. It has been a long day and I have been busy checking mail and messages and getting kids to bed since we got home. I am excited to go up and fall into my own bed. Hopefully little Noble will also feel "at home" and sleep more than 2 hours in a row tonight. Could be wishful thinking but I guess we will see.

Good night!